Conference registration is available only onsite.

Conference registration fees (per person) On site
 Full congress
 (Includes dinner)
 APF Member countries (F)  USD 400
 Non-APF countries (F)  USD 500
 Trainee doctor* (F)  USD 300
 Student (L)  N/A
 MPS Member (L)  N/A
 Non-Member (L)  N/A
 Full congress
 (Excludes dinner)
 APF Member countries (F)  USD 350
 Non-APF countries (F)  USD 450
 Trainee doctor* (F)  USD 250
 Student (L)  N/A
 MPS Member (L)  N/A
 Non-Member (L)  N/A
 Daily registration
 (Excludes dinner)    
 APF Member countries (F)   USD 200
 Non-APF countries (F)   USD 300
 MPS Member (L)   N/A
 Non-Member (L)   N/A

* Proof of status from institution is required:     (F) – Foreign participant; (L) – Local participant; MPS – Myanmar Pediatric Society

* For local participants, registration is available in Departments of Pediatrics in respective Medical Universities. Please contact:
   University of Medicie 1- DR NYEIN AYE WINT
   University of Medicine 2- DR THAZIN WIN
   University of Medicine Mandalay- DR. MOH MOH THWE
   Defence Services Medical Academy- DR NAY AUNG
   Universiy of Medicine Magway- DR MYAT MON AYE

Cancellation of registration:

Cancellation of registration can be done by email to secretariats ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
Cancellation before 21.8.17 (ie 1 month prior to congress), 50% will be refunded. ( Transection charges will be applied.)
Cancellation before 14.9.17( ie 1 week prior to congress), 25% will be refunded.( Transection charges will be applied.)
Cancellation within 1 week of congress is not refundable.

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