Scientific programme

"Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well being of ASEAN children"
21st – 24th September 2017
Novotel Yangon Max Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar


16th ASEAN Pediatric Federation Congress, 2017 (Myanmar)
21st – 24th, September 2017
Novotel Yangon Max Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

Congress Programme (Download PDF)

Pre-Congress Workshops, Thursday, 21st September 2017


Workshop -1

Making the GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation) - a practical workshop in evidence synthesis and making recommendations for any setting
Moderator - Prof. Eddy Lang, Professor and Department Head for Emergency Medicine
Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services, Canada

Workshop - 2

Neonatal Ventilation
Moderators – Dr. Fay S. De Ocampo, Dr. Jessamine C. Sareno (Philippines)

Congress Day 1, Friday, 22nd September 2017

Time Programme
0800 – 0830

Opening Ceremony

0830 – 0930

Keynote Lecture

Where's the Evidence for Evidence-Based Medicine? The Precarious Path from Research to Practice - Prof. Eddy Lang (Canada)

0930 – 1000 Coffee break and view posters/exhibits

1000 – 1130
Parallel Symposia


Neonatal Neurology

Congenital malformations of CNS – Prof. Banu Anlar (Turkey)
Neonatal hypotonia – Prof. Haluk Topaloglu (Turkey)
Treatment of resistant neonatal seizures – Dr. Steve Falchek (US)

Essentials in Childhood Sleep: What every practitioner needs to know

Importance of sleep in childhood: How much is needed and consequences of poor sleep –
A /Prof. Daniel Goh (Singapore)
Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in childhood – Dr. Win Thandar Shwe (Myanmar)
Sleep practices and habits across Asia – A / Prof. Daniel Goh (Singapore)

Pediatric Intensive Care

How to organize critical care transport – Dr. Andy Petros (UK)
How do we meet nutritional needs of critically ill children – Dr. Jan Hau Lee (Singapore)
How can we improve outcome of severe sepsis and septic shock with limited resources –Prof. Sunit Singhi (India)

1130 – 1230
Free Paper Sections 

Free paper section – 1
Free paper section – 2 
Free paper section – 3
1230 – 1330  Lunch and view posters/exhibits 

1330 – 1500



Movement Disorders in Childhood

Transient movement disorders of infancy – Prof. Jonathan Mink (US)
Movement abnormalities in autoimmune encephalitis, infectious and post infectious disorders – Prof. Banu Anlar (Turkey)
Management of dystonia – Prof. Jonathan Mink (US)


Infection control in NICU – A/Prof. Zubair Amin (Singapore)
Emergence of drug resistant bacteria – Dr. Krishnamoorthy Naiduvaje (Singapore)
Antibiotic stewardship – A/Prof. Zubair Amin (Singapore)


Chronic diarrhea – Prof. Quak Seng Hock (Singapore)
Management of feeding issues in children – Prof. Marion M Aw (Singapore)
Acute liver failure – Dr. S. Venkatesh Karthik (Singapore)

1500 – 1530 Coffee break and view posters/exhibits 

1530 – 1700
Lecture & Symposium




Quality indicators for measuring pediatric intensive care unit safety
Dr. Andy Petros (UK) 


Chronic cough in children – approach and management – A/Prof. Anna Marie Nathan (Malaysia)
Wheezing in young children – is it asthma? – A/Prof. Anne Goh (Singapore)
Management of community-acquired pneumonia – A/Prof. Tin Moe Phyu (Myanmar) 

Congress Day 2, Saturday, 23rd September 2017

Time Programme
 0830 – 0930

Keynote Lecture

Therapeutic cooling for perinatal asphyxia – Dr. Krishnamoorthy Naiduvaje (Singapore)

0930 – 1000 Coffee break and view posters/exhibits

1000 – 1130
Parallel Symposia


Prevention and control of Thalassemia in South East Asia Region –
Prof. Suthat Fuchareon (Thialand)
Current and future management modalities for thalassemia: from care to cure -
Prof. Vip Viprakasit (Thailand)


Evaluation of Joint pain in children – Dr. Ooi Pei Ling (Singapore)
Humps and Bumps: Overview of childhood vasculitides – Dr. Christine Bea Bernal (Philippines)
Autoinflammation: When fever isn’t infection? – Dr. Elizabeth Ang (Singapore)

Common Renal Problems in Pediatric Practice

Management of acute glomerulonephritis- rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis conundrum – Prof. Yap Hui Kim (Singapore)
Up-to-date management of steroid sensitive nephrotic syndrome and steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome in children – Prof. Chiu Man-Chun (Hong Kong)
Current opinion & management on haemolytic uraemic syndrome in children –
Prof. Arvind Bagga (India)

1130 – 1230
Free Paper Sections

 Free paper section – 4
 Free paper section – 5
 Free paper section – 6
 1230 – 1330  Lunch and view posters/exhibits

1330 – 1500


Optimal nutrition for preterm infant – Dr. Chua Mei Chien (Singapore)
Quality improvement initiatives and benchmarking in neonatology –
Dr. Manuel Joseph Gomez (Singapore)
Evidence based low cost strategies to improve perinatal and neonatal outcome –
Prof. Samuel Rajadurai (Singapore)


Intervention for congenital heart disease: Past, present and future –
Dr. Do Nguyen Tin (Vietnam)
PDA morphology and device selection – Dr. Supaporn Roymanee (Thailand)
Newborn screening program for congenital heart disease- Dr Worakan Promphan (Thailand)

Infectious Diseases/Vaccinology

Vaccines in pregnancy to protect babies – Dr. Tony Walls (New Zealand)
Current situation of immunization and vaccine preventable diseases in Myanmar –
Prof. Ye Myint Kyaw (Myanmar)
Dengue vaccine update – A/Prof. Tawee Chotpitayasunondh (Thailand)

 1500 – 1530  Coffee break and view posters/exhibits

1530 – 1700
Parallel Symposia


Diabetes and Obesity

Obesity and its consequences – A/Prof. Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin (Malaysia)
Management of Type 2 diabetes – Prof. Paul Hofman (New Zealand)
Etiology of type 1 and monogenic diabetes mellitus – Prof. Reiko Horikawa (Japan)

Emergency Medicine Critical care (EMCC) in Pediatrics

Pediatric emergency medicine in Asia – Dr. Nobuaki Inoue (Japan)
Challenges in implementing quality improvement at PICU – Dr. Takanari Ikeyama (Japan)
Training and education in pediatric emergency care is the Key to bring down child mortality
Prof. Sunit Singhi (India)

Kawasaki Disease

Treatment for intravenous gamma globulin resistant Kawasaki disease –
Prof. Shuichi Ito (Japan)
Update on Kawasaki disease from pathophysiology to medical therapy in acute phase – Prof. Masahiro Ishii (Japan)

 1900 - 2100  Gala Dinner

Congress Day 3, Sunday, 24th September 2017

Time Programme
 0830 – 0930

Keynote Lecture

Modifying adult disease risk- the importance of early life – Prof. Paul Hofman (New Zealand)

0930 – 1000

Coffee break and view posters/exhibits

1000 – 1130
Parallel Symposia


Common Pediatric Endocrine Issues

Endocrine issues in Thalassemia patients – A/Prof. Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin (Malaysia)
Initial management of congenital adrenal hyperplasia and DSD –
Prof. Reiko Horikawa (Japan)
Diagnosis and management of growth disorders – Prof. Aman Pulungan (Indonesia)

Ventricular Septal Defect: Commonest Congenital Heart Disease

Natural history of VSD – Prof. Khin Maung Oo (Myanmar)
Surgical interventions in VSD – Mr. Sivakumar Sivalingam (Malaysia)
Transcatheter Interventions in VSD – Dr. Worakan Promphan (Thailand)


Hyperactive child – Is it ADHD? – A/Prof. Kyaw Linn (Myanmar)
Comprehensive treatment of ADHD – Prof. Yushiro Yamashita (Japan)
An embodied cognition approach from coordination to neurodevelopmental disorders –
Prof. Akio Nakai (Japan)

1130 – 1230

Award and Closing Ceremony


Important dates

Abstract submission
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Opening date – 1st March 2017
Deadline – 30th June 2017


(Online registration available in congress website)
Early bird - 1st March 2017 to 31st July 2017
Standard - On and after 1st August 2017

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